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Shoulder Joint Replacement

Experience the Most Effective Treatment for Shoulder Joint Replacement at Eshan Hospital

Are you suffering from severe shoulder pain that is limiting your mobility and quality of life? A shoulder joint replacement may be the most effective solution to relieve your pain and restore function. 

At Eshan Hospital, our experienced orthopedic surgeons utilize advanced techniques and technology to perform successful shoulder replacement surgeries and ensure optimal recovery.

Understanding Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

The shoulder joint connects the upper arm bone (humerus) with the shoulder blade (scapula). It is a ball and socket joint that allows a wide range of motion for the arm.

Shoulder joint replacement surgery involves removing damaged areas of the joint and implanting artificial components to restore function. The humeral head (ball) is replaced with a metal ball attached to a stem inserted into the humerus. The glenoid (socket) is resurfaced with a plastic component.

There are a few common reasons why patients undergo shoulder replacement surgery:

  • Osteoarthritis – wear and tear damage causes bone-on-bone friction in the joint.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – inflammatory condition damages cartilage and bones.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis – injury or fracture leads to damage of the joint.
  • Rotator cuff tear arthropathy – untreated tears can alter shoulder biomechanics.
  • Avascular necrosis – loss of blood supply causes bone cell death.

Patients report severe shoulder pain, stiffness, loss of range of motion, and difficulty sleeping or engaging in daily activities as main symptoms leading to joint replacement.

Nonsurgical options like medications, injections, and therapy may provide temporary relief but joint replacement is often the best permanent solution for severe, debilitating shoulder osteoarthritis.

Why Choose Eshan Hospital for Your Shoulder Replacement

At Eshan Hospital, your shoulder replacement surgery will be performed by our highly skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeons.

We utilize the latest techniques and most advanced technology to ensure optimal outcomes for every patient. Here are some key reasons to choose us for your shoulder joint replacement:

Personalized Treatment Plans

Eshan Hospital distinguishes itself with a dedicated focus on personalized treatment plans. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each patient’s condition, the medical team tailors their approach for total, reverse, or partial shoulder replacement, ensuring meticulous and optimized outcomes.

Cutting-Edge Surgical Techniques

Eshan Hospital prides itself on employing cutting-edge surgical techniques that prioritize precision and minimize invasiveness. Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure, is often utilized to inspect and repair the shoulder joint through small incisions, reducing postoperative pain and expediting recovery.

Prosthetic Innovation

The choice of prosthetics plays a pivotal role in the success of shoulder joint replacement. Eshan Hospital collaborates with leading manufacturers to offer a diverse range of high-quality prosthetic options. This ensures that patients receive implants tailored to their unique anatomy, promoting optimal function and longevity.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

After surgery, recovery hinges on vital rehabilitation. Eshan Hospital’s adept physical therapy team collaborates with patients, leading personalized programs to regain strength, mobility, and independence. Their holistic approach underscores postoperative care for enduring success.

Patient-Centric Care

Eshan Hospital prioritizes patient-centric care, emphasizing open communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients. The medical team educates patients about their condition, treatment plan, and post-surgery expectations, fostering trust and empowerment.

Our Commitment to Excellent Outcomes

The orthopedic team at Eshan Hospital is dedicated to ensuring you receive the most effective shoulder joint replacement care possible. From pre-operative planning to post-operative support, we utilize an integrated approach focused on your optimal recovery and satisfaction.

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