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Book an appointment that fits your schedule with our skilled medical team to get the excellent care you require. And experience hassle-free healthcare with Online Appointment Booking at Eshan Hospital.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

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Eshan Hospital: Personalized, and compassionate care for your wellbeing.

Affordable Prices

At Affordable Medical, we offer exceptional yet affordable care so everyone can access top-notch treatment without financial hardship.

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With a wealth of experience, our skilled nurses prioritize patient care, offering expert medical advice and ensuring successful treatment outcomes.

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We are committed to providing excellent care, and compassionate service that meets your needs at every step. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Testimonials

Listen, to the testimonials of our patients as they share their experiences at Eshan Hospital. Their words truly speak for themselves.

Dr Kaushal Eshan Hospital Plastic Surgeon

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