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Advanced Orthopedic Surgical Procedures

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Most Advanced Knee Replacement Surgery

What is total Knee Replacement?

A total knee replacement is like getting a new knee when your old one is no longer working properly.

It might be time for knee replacement surgery if:

Types of Knee replacement Surgery:

1. Total Knee replacement Surgery

This is the most common type. The surgeon replaces the parts of your thigh bone and shin bone that connect to the knee.

2- Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

If only one side of your knee is affected by arthritis, this surgery might be an option. But it’s only for people with strong knee ligaments. They can do this surgery with a smaller cut than full knee replacement.

Cost of Knee replacement Surgery

The price of knee surgery depends on what kind of surgery you need and the type of room you choose to stay in.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

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Pain Relief

One of the primary benefits is significant pain relief. Knee replacement surgery can alleviate chronic knee pain caused by conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, allowing patients to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Improved Mobility

Patients often experience improved mobility and range of motion after knee replacement surgery. This means they can engage in activities they may have been avoiding due to knee pain, leading to a more active lifestyle.

Enhanced Quality of Life

With reduced pain and improved mobility, patients typically enjoy an overall better quality of life. They can regain their independence and participate in daily activities with greater ease.

Long-Term Solution

Knee replacement surgery is considered a long-term solution. While it may not last a lifetime, modern implants and surgical techniques have extended the lifespan of artificial knees, offering many years of improved joint function.

Return to Activities

Patients can often return to activities they enjoy, such as walking, hiking, swimming, and even low-impact sports, once they have fully recovered from the surgery.

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At Eshan Hospital, we harness advanced medical technology to redefine healthcare excellence.

Expertise in Knee Joint Replacement

Eshan Hospital stands out for its exceptional expertise in knee joint replacement procedures.

Proven Track Record

Eshan Hospital has a track record of delivering outstanding healthcare outcomes.

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Questions Patients Ask


Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a medical procedure in which a damaged or worn-out knee joint is replaced with an artificial joint made of metal, plastic, or a combination of both. It is typically performed to relieve pain and improve knee function.

Candidates for knee replacement surgery often have severe knee pain that limits their daily activities, stiffness, swelling, or other symptoms that don’t respond to non-surgical treatments like medications or physical therapy. Your orthopedic surgeon will assess your specific condition to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.

There are two primary types of knee replacement surgery: total knee replacement (TKR) and partial knee replacement (PKR). TKR involves replacing the entire knee joint, while PKR replaces only the damaged portion of the knee.

Yes, we do accept insurance plans. We have tie-ups with various insurance companies to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for our patients. However, the coverage and reimbursement may vary depending on your insurance plan, so it is best to check with your insurance provider regarding the specific terms of your policy. Our insurance team will also assist you in processing your claims and ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from your insurance coverage.

There is no strict age limit for knee replacement surgery. The decision to undergo the procedure is based on individual health and the severity of the knee condition. People of various ages, including older adults, can benefit from knee replacement surgery.

Recovery times can vary, but most patients can expect to be in the hospital for a few days after surgery. Full recovery, including regaining normal knee function, may take several weeks to months, with physical therapy playing a crucial role in the process.

While knee replacement surgery is generally safe, there are some risks, including infection, blood clots, implant loosening, and damage to nearby blood vessels or nerves. Your surgeon will discuss these risks with you and take measures to minimize them.

Pain management is a crucial aspect of knee replacement recovery. Our medical team will provide pain relief options, including medication, physical therapy, and other techniques to manage discomfort during the healing process.

Most patients can return to a wide range of activities, including walking, hiking, cycling, and even low-impact sports, after successful knee replacement surgery. Your surgeon will provide guidance on when and how to resume these activities.

Preparing for knee replacement surgery involves discussing the procedure with our surgeon, arranging for post-surgery support and transportation, and making your home safe and accessible for your recovery period. Our surgeon will provide you with specific pre-surgery instructions.

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