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How to Remove White Patches from the Face: Eshan Hospital, Bareilly

How to remove white patches from face

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White patches on the face due to vitiligo can be treated. At Eshan Hospital, our skin doctors examine the spots and suggest the best treatment. 

This usually includes strong steroid creams, UVB light sitting at the hospital, skin graft if patches are stable and sometimes makeup to cover patches temporarily. 

We also provide counselling for stress relief, as it worsens patches. With regular application of creams, attending light sittings and following diet & lifestyle modification, most patients see improvement in facial spots – they start regaining colour. 

We aim to minimize and remove patches from the face by targeting the affected area specifically. The treatment helps regain the original skin tone.

White Patches: The visible symptom of vitiligo:

White patches on the skin are the main sign of the disease called vitiligo. In this, some areas lose their colour and turn white. 

The face, hands and legs usually get these white spots. It happens when cells that give colour are destroyed. 

At Eshan Hospital in Bareilly, we carefully check patches to confirm vitiligo. We then start suitable treatments like skin creams, light therapy and counselling. 

With regular treatment at Eshan Hospital, we can bring back some colour to patches and stop them from increasing and spreading. We aim to minimize the visible white spots.

Treatment Options: The therapies available:

At Eshan Hospital, we provide effective treatment to bring back colour to the white skin patches caused by vitiligo. 

The common treatments we offer are – special skin creams that are applied daily, phototherapy using controlled UVB light rays, and skin grafting by taking skin from one normal area to the white patch and removing colour from the remaining normal skin to match the white patch. 

We also provide counselling to deal with stress. Some people may need to use skin makeup to cover patches. Our doctors study each case carefully and suggest the best suitable treatment from those available at Eshan Hospital for getting relief from expanding white patches.

Facial: Specifically addressing vitiligo spots on the face:

Eshan Hospital in Bareilly helps treat white Spots on the face due to vitiligo. Our skin doctors examine the spots and damage carefully. 

They suggest creams, special UV ray treatments, and skin colouring treatments that can slowly bring back colour to the white Spots on your face. 

Along with this treatment, we also provide counselling to support you emotionally. In some months, the spots start fading. 

We aim to bring back normal skin tone on your face. With regular treatment at Eshan Hospital, white Spots on the face can improve.

Eshan Hospital Bareilly: The specific hospital providing vitiligo treatments:

Eshan Hospital in Bareilly focuses on effective treatment of white patch skin disease called vitiligo. 

We have expert skin specialists who examine each case of white spots thoroughly and confirm vitiligo after testing. 

Based on the patient’s condition, type of spots, spread and medical history, customized treatment is started – this can be special ointments, light procedures, skin grafting or even skin camouflage. 

Counselling sessions are also done to address patient concerns and give emotional support. Modern equipment and the latest methods are used to improve vitiligo. 

Eshan Hospital’s vitiligo program aims to control the spread of patches and bring back normal skin colour without side effects.


In summary, white patches on the face due to vitiligo can be treated and colour can be brought back. Consult skin specialists at Eshan Hospital to diagnose your facial spots correctly. 

Follow the customised treatment for your case – whether creams, light therapy or options like camouflage makeup. Continue treatment diligently by applying medications daily, and attending hospital sittings regularly. 

Also manage stress levels through counseling, yoga, and lifestyle changes suggested by our doctors. With this complete treatment regimen for a sufficient time of 6-12 months, most facial vitiligo cases achieve very good improvement. 

The patches start fading, skin tone is regained, and the normal appearance of the face is restored without marks or scars.