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About Dr. Fahad

In the realm of orthopedic excellence, Dr. Fahad Bin Hamid stands as a distinguished figure, bringing a wealth of expertise and commitment to the field. As a seasoned medical professional, he holds the esteemed degrees of MBBS, D.Orth (AMU), and DNB (Orthopedics), specializing in Arthroscopic, Sports Medicine, and Joint Replacement.

Through his pursuits of a Doctor of Orthopedics degree and Diplomate of the National Board in Orthopedics, Dr. Hamid gained expertise in the field. He employs meticulous diagnostic skills to pinpoint the underlying issue and create a tailored treatment plan. His breadth of knowledge and surgical skill allows him to perform delicate arthroscopic repairs to treat joint pain and damage.

Dr. Hamid also focuses on sports medicine and caring for athletes recovering from injury. He understands the biomechanics of the body and helps patients regain strength and mobility. For those with severe joint damage, he may recommend replacement surgery. He utilizes the latest techniques and computer guidance to conduct precise knee and hip replacements that can restore function.

Dr. Hamid’s patient-centered practice emphasizes clear communication, shared decision making, and customized treatment plans. He takes time to explain diagnoses and help patients understand their options. His calm demeanor helps put patients at ease through stressful injuries or surgery.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Hamid enjoys teaching and serves as a mentor to orthopedic trainees. By passing on his knowledge, he helps cultivate the next generation of skilled orthopedic surgeons. His dedication and passion for his work have earned Dr. Hamid respect as a leading orthopedic specialist providing personalized care.