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Comprehensive Treatment for Wrist Bone Enlargement at Eshan Hospital, Bareilly

Comprehensive Treatment for Wrist Bone Enlargement at Eshan Hospital, Bareilly

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Wrist bone enlargement, also called carpal bossing, is when the bones in the wrist grow too much. This can cause pain, make it hard to move your wrist and affect your daily life.

But good news! Eshan Hospital in Bareilly is good at treating this problem. We have effective treatments to make your wrist feel better and improve your overall quality of life.

Understanding Wrist Bone Enlargement:

Carpal bossing happens at the back of the hand where the long hand bones meet the small wrist bones. 

The exact cause is not always known, but it can be from doing the same hand movements a lot, family history, or injury to that part of the hand.

If you have this condition, you might see a lump, notice swelling, feel pain, or find your wrist stiffening up. 

It’s important to see a doctor when you notice these symptoms so they can figure out what’s going on and prevent any more problems.

Diagnosis at Eshan Hospital:

If you go to Eshan Hospital in Bareilly with a problem of enlarged wrist bones, orthopedic specialists will carefully check you. 

We might use tools like X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs to see how much your bones are enlarged and if there’s any harm to nearby tissues.

Eshan Hospital has really good facilities and doctors who are good at their job. We can find out exactly what’s going on, and then make a treatment plan just for you, based on what you need.

Treatment Options:


Conservative Management:


For less severe cases, doctors might suggest simple treatments. These could involve taking it easy, putting ice on the affected area, and using anti-inflammatory drugs to ease pain and decrease swelling. 

We might also recommend exercises with a physical therapist to strengthen joints and be more flexible.



If your wrist is not too bad, the orthopedic specialists at Eshan Hospital might recommend using a splint or brace to keep your wrist still for a while. 

This can ease pressure on the injured area and help it heal better.

Corticosteroid Injections:


Sometimes, doctors use corticosteroid injections to help with swelling and pain. 

This can help deal with sudden problems linked to the enlargement of bones in the wrist.

Surgical Intervention:

If someone has a serious case of carpal bossing (a condition where there’s a bony lump on the back of the hand), We might need surgery. 

Eshan Hospital has a team of skilled surgeons who are good at different types of surgeries. 

The type of surgery they choose depends on how the lump looks and how healthy the patient is.

a. Arthroscopy:


Doctors can use minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures to take out or reshape enlarged bones. This helps people recover faster with less scarring.

b. Open Surgery:


Sometimes, if the problem is more complicated, doctors might suggest open surgery to fix the root issues and offer a lasting solution.

Post-Treatment Rehabilitation:

After surgery, patients at Eshan Hospital will work with skilled physiotherapists to recover. 

The goal is to restore the wrist joint’s function, strength, and flexibility. Each patient gets a personalized rehab plan for a smooth recovery.


Eshan Hospital in Bareilly is good at helping people with big wrist bones. We have all the latest stuff to treat it and focus on making patients feel better. 

The hospital works hard to find good solutions to make life better for those dealing with this issue. 

If you or someone you know has a problem with big wrist bones, go to Eshan Hospital for really good care and treatment.