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Best Frozen Shoulder Treatment In Bareilly

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Best Frozen Shoulder Treatment In Bareilly

Are you experiencing persistent shoulder pain and limited range of motion in your shoulder joint? If so, you might be suffering from a frozen shoulder condition. At Eshan Hospital, we understand how debilitating this condition can be, and our team of specialized experts is here to provide you with the best frozen shoulder treatment in bareilly. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive care that focuses on natural treatment for frozen shoulder, physiotherapy, and self-care to ensure a holistic approach to your recovery.

Understanding Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, medically known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that affects the shoulder joint, causing pain and stiffness. The condition typically progresses in three stages – the freezing stage, the frozen stage, and the thawing stage. During the freezing stage, you may experience gradual shoulder pain and stiffness. In the frozen stage, the pain might subside, but the stiffness remains, limiting your shoulder movement. The thawing stage is when the shoulder gradually regains some range of motion.

Specialized Frozen Shoulder Treatment

At Eshan Hospital, we take pride in being a leading frozen shoulder specialist in Bareilly. Our experienced doctors understand the unique challenges posed by frozen shoulder and tailor treatment plans accordingly. We prioritize non-invasive and natural treatments to help your shoulder heal without resorting to surgical intervention whenever possible.

Natural Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Our approach to frozen shoulder treatment revolves around using natural remedies and techniques to promote healing and improve mobility. We offer a range of therapies, including heat and cold therapy, gentle exercises, and specialized massages, to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.

Frozen Shoulder Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in the recovery process of frozen shoulder patients. Our skilled physiotherapists work closely with you to design personalized exercise routines that gradually increase your shoulder’s range of motion. They also employ hands-on techniques to mobilize the joint and release tension in the surrounding muscles, providing you with much-needed relief.

Frozen Shoulder Self Care

We believe that patient education is crucial in managing frozen shoulder effectively. Our team of experts will guide you through various self-care techniques and exercises that you can perform at home to complement your treatment. These self-care practices will not only expedite your recovery but also empower you to take charge of your health.

Meet Our Best Frozen Shoulder Doctor in Bareilly

At Eshan Hospital, we have a renowned frozen shoulder doctor with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating frozen shoulder cases. Our specialist is dedicated to providing compassionate care and will guide you through every step of your treatment journey.

Conveniently Located

If you are searching for a “frozen shoulder doctor near me” in Bareilly, your search ends here. Eshan Hospital is conveniently located in the heart of Bareilly, making it easily accessible to patients from all corners of the city.


At Eshan Hospital, we take pride in being the preferred destination for frozen shoulder care in Bareilly. Our team of experts focuses on natural treatments, physiotherapy, and patient education to provide you with the best possible care and support during your recovery journey. Don’t let frozen shoulder pain hold you back any longer – contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a pain-free and mobile shoulder once again. Remember, at Eshan Hospital, we are here to shoulder your recovery!